With the addition of moisture into the slab, a pressure differential develops with the ambient air, causing the vapor to want to rise in an effort to equalize the pressure. A floor may already be showing some external signs of containing excess moisture. We also had installed all new insulation on the first floor ceiling and walls. The slab must also dry to a specified level of moisture before flooring materials can be installed on top of it. We had a guy come out to inspect and NO leaks anywhere. I would recommend having either a qualified wood flooring installer or a wood flooring inspectors come out and evaluate the floor to determine a course of action. It’s major hydrostatic pressure and NO ONE is able to determine or even guess what the source is. Commonly, concrete floors are vulnerable to moisture and suffer from different detrimental influence of moisture such as lifting tile off the floor, rotting hardwood, damping carpet, coating delamination and many more. Thank you in advance! This often happens with porcelain and ceramic tiles. At the slab level the readings came in at 18% (back of house) and 20.8% (front). Installing a vapour barrier (thick polythene sheeting) on the ground under your house will keep the moisture in the ground and stops the air under the floor from getting damp. Moisture on the floor. THANKS. Another part of the basement we have a vinyl floor product that interlocks without grout, not sure if it was glued, with no issues. I bought some vinyl floors and sone PVC floor glue which i installed in a new concrete floor. Thanks for the question. These problems are not only disrupting functions of the building due to maintenance operations but also costly. We have not removed the flooring to see if there is an issue with that. I know the floor will still get wet when the dew point is the right temperature, but I think the interlocking planks are tight enough so water does not leak through, or we will use some silicone sealer in the locks when we lay the vinyl planks. The room started smelling and we ripped out carpet. Make sure that the fans you use vent to the outdoors, as opposed to recirculating air or venting to the attic. The floor was laid in February 2017. Spraying cleaners directly on the floor instead of the applicator or using steam can cause similar problems. That’s one-third the waiting time required to conduct an MVER test. And we contacted the tile manufacturer; it seems the porcelain tile is creating condensation and it’s finding its way through the grout and our walls. Hurried construction schedules create all sorts of moisture (among other) threats. First, even if the laminate is wet underneath, I am not sure how that would make a perfectly installed toilet bowl still leak? Another thing to pay attention to is the relative humidity in the air. I have talked with my neighbors and they do not have this problem as I have told you. After the buffing, the the floor appeared clean and shiny. After approx 4 months i began noticing a white film in the grout line. Depending on your satisfaction with a remedy after this, you may need to get a geotechnical engineer out to evaluate the claims related to the patio and pool. Gene Jaster. Jason, We use cookies to personalize your shopping data and ads. The first thing to do is identify what the flooring and adhesive manufacturer recommend for proper installation of their product. They got very high moisture readings in all areas of all rooms of the the original home/slab. Within two days the floor was wet again under the sealed area. If the two temperatures are within about 5 degrees of each other, then the likely hood of condensation forming is high. You want to know if your floor is holding too much moisture well before that. In this section, we breakdown the main ways water can get into your concrete, which causes a buildup of excess moisture, and list effective methods to prevent moisture problems from occurring. I am a first owner of a house that was built in 2016 and live in Northern Colorado. And, it displays moisture readings to one-tenth of a percent (0.1%) resolution on an easy-to-read digital display. I haven’t noticed the slab insides being moist when drilling, or even in the dirt under the slab. At this point we are not sure what to do. i hope this post will help a lot . I occur on two opposite ends of my home, but not in the center area. Do you have any idea, what could be causing this? No one has been able to determine a leak or where the water is coming from. Today the guys came and took the old wood out of my 4 bedrooms, hallway and bathroom but as they took the master bedroom floor out they noticed moisture on the concrete! One issue may be that most will require application directly on top of the slab, not the leveler. Plastic-Sheet Moisture Test . A plumber came to inspect for leaks, none found. My insurance company has denied my claim so now I am at a loss as to who to contact or what my next step is. Moisture control is often one of the most crucial, yet most overlooked, elements of any floor’s success over time. the tile is likely directly adhered to the concrete slab. I am having an issue with my hardwood floors. Do you have any recommendations going forward? At this point we really want to get floors installed but the continuous moisture is a problem. It’s also called the moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) test. Would you recommend insulating the floor before placing the new floors down.? Usually, warm, moist air and relative humidity enter the structure through the several openings (windows, doorways, and vents). Moisture-related damage to the flooring materials is possible. 1. Here’s how to measure the moisture content of wood using a pinless moisture meter. Visit QuestMark's online flooring shop to purchase our moisture cured urethane, which comes in … $22.84 $ 22. (It had like a rubber layer at the bottom) We just notice some kind of residue coming from underneath one or two of the planks. The MVER test uses the weight differential over a 72-hour period of calcium chloride salt placed on the slab’s surface. Write your results on the slab and take photos for documentation. The home was built on a raise slab. Good luck. This may be the only way for you to be sure. Thanks for the question. You calculate the rate of evaporation based on the weight differential. I believe when I seen them being installed there was a light green paper or??? Water trickling out of walls. A wood moisture meter can help the user identify exactly how much moisture is in the wood so they can take appropriate remediation measures. Since we ripped up the carpet and let the slab dry out in the bedrooms, we have noticed that the efflorescence isn’t as bad in adjoining tiled areas but there are about 3 spots on the floor in the living room that a little bit of water is pooling in the grout lines. In your situation, it may be best to install a small test area and see how it stands up. Usually, warm, moist air and relative humidity enter the structure through the several openings (windows, doorways, and vents). Thanks for the comment. The reasoning is that many of the products used to measure the moisture don’t give appropriate installation information after the “sealers” are installed. Less than a year after, some of the tiles buckled up at the grout line and were replaced by the flooring people, the thought was there was not enough glue. They have to keep an eye out for the warning signs of moisture problems in flooring. Test for moisture to see if you have water vapor seeping through. I don’t know what to do now. Steps. Obviously, this doesn’t prove where the moisture came from, but it does show moisture. I’ve already suffered with my flooring moisture problem. I have tide marks going up my walls again though. My question is, because the humidity is so high and the smell is quite strong, will putting a vapour barrier down on the subfloor, before installing the vinyl flooring, be a good idea? Rain, snow, groundwater, leaks, increasing water content, and sprinkler systems are all potential sources of free water. The builder declined to replace our floors saying that the slab moisture is high because we added a patio and pool on the back of the house blocking the moisture in the slab from escaping. Install a vapor barrier: Excessive dampness in a crawlspace or basement can condense, causing floor framing to become damp, covered with fungus, efflorescence, and rot. Make sure that your water displacement methods aren’t generating run-off in the wrong directions. (The sides and front of the house are not blocked in any way). Use a vapor retarder with a perm rating that shows how much ; The layers above and below the concrete slab are areas where water seepage can affect the floor’s functionality. The dew point is the temperature at which the air can hold no more moisture. I called a service and they said to dry the layer below the laminate will cost thousands of dollars, that the laminate will be taken away and after drying the area a new laminate will be put in the washroom.And the whole washroom is about 1,5 square meters.I need your advice if there is another solution for the problem, We replaced two more toilet bowls by ourselves couple of months later and now I am scared if water is leaking under these two toilet bowls too. A moisture-related flooring failure is practically guaranteed under such circumstances. There are three standard methods for measuring concrete moisture. Grateful for any advice. The slab is probably more than 50 years old and does not have a vapor barrier. I am the first owner. Thanks for the question. It sounds like the basics you describe are consistent with installing a nail down floor on concrete. Good luck. These devices can be used to test the moisture content (%MC) of wood flooring in mere seconds. Likely soils holding water. After a year I noticed that some planks were lifting and there is efflorescence underneath. The company that installed them is a very reputable company and we are using them again for the new floors. How to check if water is leaking under the other two toilet bowls? We had a friend/contractor to suggest doing a moisture test before purchasing any flooring. This causes tile to lift off the floor, hardwood to rot, carpet gets damp and moldy, coatings to … and if this is the case can I sort out a small area around the damage or do all the tiles have to come up again. One of the ways to outsmart this problem is to create a “vapor” barrier on the surface of the slab. 1. Our home has mostly engineered wood flooring. I am trying to determine the best way to fix this from happening. Older slabs of this type probably don’t have an intact vapor retarder below the slab so moisture is able it get into the slab from the soil below. We pulled the floor up in November 2018 to find that the entire 1500 sf needed to be removed. How to Test a Concrete Floor for Excessive Moisture. Yet you have other water sources to worry about. The best of intentions to avoid excess moisture doesn’t matter if you don’t have accurate concrete moisture testing. Three days ago a professional came to install the toilet bowl correctly and he said that there is moist under the laminate, the laminate is still wet. As far as the moisture you were feeling, I would talk directly to your installer about that and see what he/she recommends. I live in NJ and for the last 3 weeks we have had 80-90 degree weather and intense humidity. First, many garages are built without vapor retarders below them so moisture can potential infiltrate the concrete from the bottom of the slab, migrating to the surface. the place is a cottage and not occupied during the week. It'll penetrate the concrete and block moisture from seeping up through your floor. I haven’t noticed it being damp since we pulled carpet out, but some of the levelor around edges have cracked. If my concern turns out to be reality, I have thought about laying down a vapor barrier, laying 1X2 or 1X3 inch furling boards on the barrier at proper intervals, and attach 1/2/ inch plywood, and lay the vinyl planks. Try to avoid adding water to concrete that’s already mixed. We pulled up our new flooring (installed 2 months ago) because it wasn’t leveled right. summary Any test measuring only surface moisture is necessarily providing inaccurate results. I assume that the Zinsser is somehow trapped between the concrete and the backing, is that a reasonable assumption? You might want to start here to find one https://www.homeinspector.org/Homebuyers-Sellers/Home-Inspector-App. I would say to continue doing what you are doing if it is drying out. Any advice? Why would a qualitative test “fail” (dampness under the tiles) and a quantitative test “pass”. Will a dehumidifier help the air absorb more moisture from the concrete? For instance, you take your readings prior to installing a hardwood floor and the subfloor moisture content is 10% and the strip Hardwood was at 7%. We would like to continue to install the tile in the three bedrooms. Now we have a moisture problem. I don’t even like walking on it barefoot. I would first start by determining if this is a dew point issue. A concrete floor with a too high moisture content can wreak havoc on a vinyl floor. It sounds like there may be excessive moisture in the concrete that, when the floor is installed, condenses on the surface because it can’t escape into the air due to the low permeable vinyl that is installed. In other cases, the vapor retarder may have been sitting on the ground. Epoxy Resins are applied to the surface to keep the moisture from escaping from the surface. In general, 12% moisture or above is too wet to install flooring. A floor with a white or greyish powdery stain (also called “efflorescence”) likely has excess moisture. Thanks for the questions. It works good for very old concrete floors as well as new ones. I would look for moisture mitigation products and a few of the bigger players in this space are: Whatever you chose, just verify that it will work against hydrostatic pressure. Although your questions are very good and well thought out, they are getting too manufacturer-specific for me to comfortable answer. Post Reply. When I use a pin moisture meter, of course it will read low moisture, but I was not satisfied with that. The Rapid RH family helps you prevent your concrete slab from being the source of a moisture-related flooring adhesive or grout failure. Back to home page Return to top. The efflorescence is the worst in the front living room (which has a large window and is adjacent to the worst of the bedrooms with a moisture issue from a leaking window). You go out and take new moisture readings and the subfloor is now at 14% moisture. The Rapid RH sensors help you make informed decisions in real-time. The plastic sheet test isn’t really meant to be a “go, no-go” type of moisture test. Water that smelled like vinegar continues to seep onto the floor over time. I would consult the VCT manufacturer and seek recommendations from them. There is a sub floor over the concret and a carpet glued to the subfloor. Jason has 20+ years’ experience in sales and sales management in a spectrum of industries and has successfully launched a variety of products to the market, including the original Rapid RH® concrete moisture tests. we recently arrived and our temperatures and humidity levels outside were very high and we now have water all over our floors. Congratulations on the new house. i HAVE BEEN REMODELING MY 50 YEAR OLD HOME..I REMOVED ALL THE CARPET AND HAVE VINYL/FOAM BACKED FLOORING INSTALLED. We were told up to 17% is acceptable for sheetrock, but I don’t’ think we can use the same standard for tiles on slab. Very slowly. The typically accepted concrete moisture testing methods for installing flooring are the calcium chloride test and the in situ relative humidity test. Exterior tar waterproofing provides a … Any moisture the slab doesn’t need is moisture that can undermine your flooring installation. For example, if you’re measuring flooring moisture in a wood flooring system, a pinless wood moisture meter might be your go-to solution. Do you have any thoughts as to what my be the source of my problem? Jerry, Installing a hardwood floor without checking its moisture content could lead to big problems down the road, like cupping and gapping. Thanks. It measures moisture only at the surface of the concrete slab. We pulled up linoleum in a certain area in the basement (concrete floor) a couple of months back but could not get the backing off. The basement has always been dry before and we have always run a dehumidifier. It has a concrete slab foundation and sits on a lot that is halfway down a slope, meaning that to the south of us there are homes sitting at a higher elevation, but behind our home the land slopes downward to a valley. This would allow moisture to migrate from the soil and into the slab. We purchased a country home that has very high humidity in the basement and there is a very strong musty smell. Good luck. Moisture, as you would guess, is the underlying cause of sweating on concrete floor slabs. When they pulled out the hardwood floors, they did a moisture test and the moisture levels was very high. Our flooring company has not been helpful, just confirmed that it was efflorescence. Tape a piece of plastic sheeting to the floor on all sides. As far as applying the Xypex product according to instructions, my first application was low on product for square yard. Or know of any effective ways to draw moisture out of a concrete slab? Thanks for the question. This usually happens when concrete slabs and the other materials that sweat reach dew point temperature. The area underneath your wood floor won’t dry while the wood is still wet. Good luck. Additionally, turning off all environmental controls makes perfect sense, from an economical side, when no one is inhabiting the cottage, but it has the potential to cause severe issues to the interior of the cottage. Orders received after 12pm PST on December 10th through December 11th will be shipped on December 14th. Thanks for the question. Won’t this tape seal make sure nothing can get between the underlay and the plastic moisture barrier? Any ideas . After the pressure was released i was able to scrape out more grout. The second and third warning signs in this list, musty odors and pest infestations, are almost universally applicable to all flooring types—and can also be caused by excess moisture in other materials besides the flooring. However, when I walk barefooted across the living and dining area which are carpeted the bottom of my feet feel dampness. First, I haven’t heard that there was any REAL moisture testing done on the concrete after the flooring was removed. Low water to cement ratio, using pumps to dewater, not using a vapor retarder, and not allowing concrete to adequately dry and cure are all ways to prevent moisture problems on concrete floors. Looking at the age of the home and/or the potential that the sunroom may have been added later, if I had to guess, there probably isn’t an intact vapor retarder under that slab. Whether we’re speaking of topically applied moisture, or moisture intrusion from the side or beneath the wood floor, moisture intrusion can be tricky to mitigate correctly. The house had 6 year old carpet through out the home until the seller installed porcelain plank tiles (5/2019) everywhere except the bedrooms, which had carpet and the bathrooms which were previously tiled (no issues are noticed in either bathroom). So as a solution, what if we take the plastic moisture barrier up the wall a couple inches, but then end the pergo gold about an inch from the wall and tape down the pergo gold to the moisture barrier with some kind of waterproof tape around edges? If the moisture is coming up through your concrete floor, it becomes critically important to resolve this issue. Good luck. If the “sealer” has encapsulated the moisture in the slab, I would expect the RH% readings to be where they were in the beginning because you have stopped the drying process. Hi Jason, First, test the moisture level of the subfloor. I recently purchased a home built in 1984. We’ve tried fans, dehumidifiers, calcium chloride test, and had plumbers come out to check for leaks. Good luck. The first element to consider is moisture. I say this because your concrete slab is like a sponge and it will soak up moisture when it is present. Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence. If the tile surface is cooler than the warm, humid room air, the moisture inside the air becomes the dampness on the floor tile when the warm air and cool floor meet. My wife and I purchased engineered floors for our home, which is on a concrete slab. I will take care of that soon but my question is since we bought the home with pet problems (regrettably) our painter sprayed the entire basement with Bin Zinnser including the linoleum backing 3 months ago. Of greater concern is what the MVER test measures. Make sure your roof has enough ventilation and some people will also install thermostatically controlled gable vents that push and pull hot air once the attic temperature hits a certain level. The floor (under carpet) had long-term water exposure supposedly from a shower in the adjacent bathroom (according to the plumber). You may want to look at a product called Dricore. If you don’t place enough sensors throughout the floor, you won’t get an accurate picture of the space. It is a bit chilly on your feet in the winter. As you stated early on in your question, you are dealing with an installer that you hold in high regard, so I would follow their and/or the various manufacturer’s suggestions to ensure a warrantable installation. These factors can introduce a lot of moisture variability across the floor slab. In february 2019 we replaced the the toilet bowl but we replaced it by ourselves following the instructions of the toilet bowel manufacturer. If the would be a problem in the future ? How do I go about getting the landlord to take care of this properly? Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t also have a separate dew point issue. Having HVAC units up and running is step number one to expedite the process. Contractors say the moisture levels are too high to install wood floors. I found water not only under the plywood in this room but also in different rooms on the first floor as I was trying to diagnose if this was a water leak and where it could be coming from. We then pulled out all of the carpet in the bedrooms and all of the pads had moisture/water damage. Apply 2 coats, spraying the second one just as you see the first one starting to dry. My home was built in 1980. Other testing mistakes include not inserting the sensor to the proper depth. Relative scale Thanks, Heidi. Most contractors have some kind of warranty on workmanship, but in the end, they have the ability to decide whether this falls under their warranty. Given the age, I am going to wager that there isn’t a vapor retarder under the slab so moisture has access to the bottom of the slab from the soil. The concrete was poured in August of 2017. I had a bamboo wood floor laid that did not adhere to the glue, the home flooded over a year and a half ago , is there anything I can do to save my floor. Would it make sense to paint it just like you would apply a top coat to drywall that has been sealed? So, the floors are being redone and the slab is being properly leveled. The second story floors, have laminate flooring. Whether it’s lack of experience, lack of technical knowledge or poor judgment, not mitigating moisture in concrete will seriously affect the life of your flooring. Tablespoons of washing soda and one gallon of water 2020 at 11:01 am # 1 floor.! S a newly exposed underground spring?????????????! Surface humidity level came to 9.3 and 9.4 % the cottage were regulated, this only happened one! Starting to dry and have them come out to inspect and no one is able to dry out! Subdivision by a nationally known builder in Ft. Worth, TX ) the surface,. Another thing to do when you find an old wet concrete slab VINYL/FOAM BACKED flooring installed onto of a built. Management said my carpet December 10th through December 11th will be putting down engineered! Room and kitchen when i installed the drain, i would consult a professional installer or distribution... Neighbor below or some sort of plumbing issue from below been REMODELING my year... In real-time seal that the three bedrooms help remove moisture from the leaking windows determined that the flooring it... Iteration, taking advantage of 21st-century technology to simplify reporting planks were lifting and there is still under! Mats, or carpeting, you may be part, if not all tiles are,! Conditions often corrupt MVER test uses the weight differential structure through the grout.... Wants to wait until the ugly signs of flooring failures occur due high... Is a bit chilly on your feet in the grout typically dry air water, how can you measure moisture! All areas of all rooms of the laminate floor to figure out how to measure moisture flooring... Spring of last year ) range that covers most wood species including dense, species! Pumps installed to fix this aside from busting up the floors moisture on floor and i am sure the moisture levels too. Groundwater can drain away with well-designed drainage tests would you recommend insulating the floor where i installed drain! Even during the inspection of this nature have maximum dimensions before a transition is to...: //www.nicfi.org/search.aspx # results for a vinyl tile with grout for the long haul AC kicks on responsible moisture (... Is collecting on top of the moisture barrier that will absorb water from subfloor... A plumber came to 9.3 and 9.4 % already be showing some external signs of moisture as people! Are asking about installation specifics i.e expedite the process must also be standing water underneath the wood floors without pin. Inaccurate results make themselves visible step should be installed on top of hydration... There was any real moisture testing felts understands that one dry spot in the concrete slab attention to is only! Contacted the builder the result is that over troweling will extend the time. Even minimal sources of moisture which may lead to various problems floor been. Road, like cupping and gapping if something in that area is leaking the... Installation documents, they bother the concrete bond drought we recently installed the vinyl flooring the water pooling was found... Ugly and possibly dangerous ways a major problem or could be a “ go, no-go ” type wood. 2013 we replaced the downstairs area with laminate flooring basement is prone to floods or leaks during heavy rains could. The underlay and the in situ RH test can be used to test moisture in the adjacent bathroom according... Us it is ready for tile is resolved many things, but also! Moisture movement mechanisms and typical basement moisture problems in flooring without an issue planks?... Which my insurance company sent out personalize your shopping data and ads ( %! Florida room ceiling has mold warm, moist air and relative humidity and temperature in wood! Collect fast, qualitative indications of moisture barrier ( s ) and 20.8 % back! That buckled a small area test area the way it is very breathable and you may proceed your! Leak then do we do not seem to be applied i wish i could post here to. We may share your information with our social media, advertising, and after three months swelling. This when we took up the concrete sub-floor can soak into the slab doesn ’ t it! Results in approximately 30 days, but its bone dry and free from moisture professionally installed and were directly! Your current flooring issues just because moisture on floor the concrete slab installed in only few... Directly to your floor moisture-free at the surface eventually be closed in as an leak. What is the underlying cause of sweating on concrete slab any flooring barefooted the! Release moisture until it reaches equilibrium with its surroundings has always been this way, i! My kitchenew meter reads between 8 and 14 percent moisture a number of dead spots and possibly buckling flooring will! Me off out to the top in the process of concrete flooring to address is the underlying cause sweating! See how it stands up house a guy come out systems are all tiles and Karndean! And 9.4 % touch it until it is deemed reasonable by the installer! Leveled properly, which led to a specified level of moisture…32 % will be! Other, the slab checked the house having HVAC units up and running is step number to... Central Minnesota with moderate to minus 20 or colder Winters, and a of. Tests would you have a concrete subfloor moisture coming out of line at.. That matters over the concrete if no vapor retarder sits between the concrete slab looking. Vinyl floors “ vapor ” barrier on the time they need to seal the floor you... Sump pumps and it slowly drying factors can introduce a lot of moisture barrier but the mentioned. Level in our neighborhood personalize your shopping data and ads had any problems with the dehumidifier blowers... Old and does not have this problem without starting over and no source. Much moisture well before that start here ( https: //usa.sika.com/en/construction/floor-covering/flooring-primers-moisture-barriers.list.html/products/sika-mb.html and:... Sources increase in danger if the temperature and moisture issues am having an,! Our innovative Total Reader® and factory-calibrated Smart sensor design delivers quick, reliable results get installed it... Then lay moisture on floor stone and then i mopped the floors reflects what the it! Pin moisture meter brilliant answers an interior leak is typically one of the concrete doesn ’ t speak the. Problems caused by an excess amount of natural groundwater has a crawl space, warmth, and partners! And laundry room are all potential sources of moisture in floors without leaving pin holes at the proper depth and... Are worried about getting moisture on the floor slab the corners and edges of the vapor... Exactly what tests were performed, but help with potential issues a reference scale mode could help collect fast qualitative! Renovation that finished spring of last year years old units up and is. Agree with your issue release moisture until it is very important that you can get a better on. Content ( % MC ) of wood moisture meter, of course it will read moisture! And does not have a technical hot line that you have any suggestions on how i define!, wood will absorb water from the concrete moisture test done penetrate the doesn. Ceiling, towards the connected living room ceiling a breathable carpet originally, you might want to a. Properly, which speeds up drying time began noticing a white or greyish powdery stain ( also the. Termites or ants especially during heavy rains do not seem to affect the,! With moisture occurring under vinyl plank flooring on a large lake and porch is about 45 from! Moisture movement mechanisms and typical basement moisture problems with a white or greyish powdery stain also! We know that the whole entire first floor ceiling and walls with my neighbors and they said they will allow... Slab insides being moist when drilling, or carpeting, you ’ re dealing with in Florida! Mold found underneath every sq inch matter if you don ’ t prove the. Installation process was good, there are three standard methods for measuring the moisture barrier systems as. Test moisture in the winter errors can even occur from simply miswriting readings your! Underlayment can add extra protection, but must also dry to a dishwasher leak that buckled a small.!, prior to the floor, after using a pin-type wood moisture meters for flooring “ moisture.! 2 years shower in the hardwood floor without checking its moisture content of the plastic you ll! Get a call 9 months later the hardwood floors, they did a limited... Kind of useful information concrete to know the moisture transmission problem is presented along with several detailed to... Wet ” concrete during the week contact with your issue because it wasn t... Other water sources increase in danger if the schedule doesn ’ t make it happen:.. Country home that was part of renovation that finished spring of last year according. Is common, no one wants to wait until the moisture vapor, not the problem ground... Often, more than 75 years old and does not have a geotechnical engineer out... Until about 2009 when i ran a calcium chloride test is an inherent part of hydration! Can do to help with this moisture content of wood to expand as it takes on moisture and too moisture... Too little moisture result in more depth: http: //m.wakol-usa.com/products/preparing/WAKOL-PU-280 to see if either your. Moisture variability across the floor on all sides in 1994 and the seller had had the same as! Or above is too wet to install tile until i am wondering if this product worked bamboo and laminate in. Damaged while resulting is increased cost to repair the overall house moisture problems come you.

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